Business Integrity Manager
"Risk7 has dramatically improved the way we work"


Surveillance software used by compliance teams at wealth firms for KYC/KYP Trade Supervision and Suitability reviews.

Here's Marta's experience:

I used to worry that the most meaningful exceptions would be overlooked. Our previous approach required the team to frequently step away from the system, physically review huge volumes of trades and manually add exception parameters. Each of these opening up the opportunity for human error.

Risk7 has dramatically improved the way we work. Instead of starting our day sifting through individual trades, we now go to our Daily Dashboard and work on the highest priority items. My favourite Risk7 feature is automated reviews. By automatically identifying & reviewing trades that fall within our custom parameters, we’ve decreased human error and replaced clutter with focused intelligent alerts.

Case Management
Strengthen the relationship between compliance supervisors and advisors, while accelerating cycle time from active to resolved. Accomplished by: Grouping related alerts into a single advisor inquiry, tracking within the embedded end-to-to end communication platform and managing through an intuitive dashboard.
Minimize false positives by monitoring trade suitability according to your firm’s compliance policies. Customized MFDA and IIROC suitability parameters to review suitability from both the account and portfolio perspective
Alerts & Reviews
Shorten review cycle times and enable compliance teams to focus on exceptions that require human judgement. With informative alerts and Machine reviewed & cleared exceptions. Intelligent groupings of related alerts by account, client and advisor level.
Approved Product List
Simplify compliance management, make alerts more intelligent and engage in more informative reviews by integrating your firm's approved product list.
Daily Dashboards
Quickly assess risk and prioritize the workday, with a clear window into trends and performance related to account, client and advisor level alerts.
Risk Ratings
Greater flexibility in how you manage risk ratings. Use your own, outsource to a third party, or use the Four Eyes proprietary risk scoring on equities and mutual funds.
Transaction Search
Facilitate audit reviews and enable real time custom reporting based on defined search criteria against a single database. Search transactions by individual security, activity, group of activities; or, across multiple variables and timelines.
Rep Code Management
Get real time alerts when firm data does not match the regulator, by accessing the National Registration Database feed within our platform. Centralized rep codes enable cross referencing using multiple variables including registration residency, name, address for transaction, client and advisor level alerts.

Risk7 has given us 50% more capacity.

Now we feel in control of our day and have greater confidence in our supervision.


Trade Surveillance & Security

Trade Suitability (account, portfolio, household)
Trade Surveillance
Suitability Analysis
Automated Inquiries
Embedded Inquiry Management
Stress Test
Portfolio Analysis

Compliance Management

Document Repository
Rep Code Management
Regulatory Reporting
Trend Analysis
Performance Dashboards
Product List Management
Audit Log
Insider Trading (SEDI)
Fund Facts
Security Risk Rating
Auditor Window
Product List Management
Audit Log

Advisor Management

Advisor Registration (NRD)
Advisor Risk Score
ARPA Advisor Annual Review

Coming Soon

Outside Business Activities (OBA) Management
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